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Noe's Blues Notes Vol. 22

Noe’s Blues Notes Vol. 22

Hello everyone,

I’m extremely excited to announce that I’m one of the featured artists on the new MasterCard campaign “Start Something Priceless”. The commertial is out and airing on TV, watch out for a familiar face during the Grammy’s… Here’s the back-story YouTube link

And here’s the music video link:

Likho Duo reached the semi-finals at the International Blues Challenge, and we were the only instrumental band to do so. Thank you everyone for your support and contributions!

Upcoming shows:

January 24, 31, February 7, and 14 – Bar Tabac 7 PM – Likho Duo with Reid Andres

January 26 – Charlie Palmer (inside the Knickerbocker Hotel) – 6-9 PM – full band

January 27 Paula Cole – Stone Mountain Arts Center Brownfield ME – 8 PM

February 3 – Precious Metal (Brooklyn) – 4-7 PM - solo

February 6 – Freddys Bar – 9 PM – Organ Trio

February 8 - St. Cloud rooftop bar (inside the Knickerbocker Hotel 17th floor) – 6-9 PM – full band

February 9 – Jim Keller – Rockwood Stage 2 – 7 PM

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